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WWeb2ink is not just a software company or platform. They are a full service design and marketing agency that works exclusively with printing companies. They create custom websites built around their custom t-shirt designer web application. I had the privliage of working with Steve McKillip on a new branding strategy for his business.

web2ink primary logo on a white background
web2ink secondary logo on a dark grey background

The Story Behind the Brand

Web2Ink was founded by two partners. Steve has been a succesful print shop owner for the past 12 years and has sold tens of millions of dollars worth of custom printed products online. After the sale of the business Steve decided it is time to start another business. Marian has been a pioneer in web design and interactive functional programing applications. Steve and Marian had partnered for years on several eCommerce sites in the print industry. Web2Ink is a partnership of a print industry verterean and a pioneer in the interactive web design industry.

web2ink primary number mark
Primary number mark
web2ink secondary number mark
Secondary number mark
a list of the full web2ink custom icons
Custom icon set designed to be used in a t-shirt editing webapp
circle shape filled purple
circle shape filled dark grey
circle shape filled white